We at Al Ikhlas Centre believe in very high standards and professionalism, hence, our After School Qur’an club is planned, prepared and delivered to a high standard of teaching. Monday to Friday during term time our after school Qur’an club occurs after school hours. It is attended by both girls and boys of school age. Children are divided into levels based on their age, abilities and competence.

Our Aim

Ultimately the aim is to bring about wider religious and social benefit and prevent any social, psychological or physical harm to themselves, their community and society in general. In this way, the imbibing of the Qu’ranic verses are lived, practised and put into action by the children, so that the understanding and the implementation of the Qu’ran is sustainable and progressive.

Our Staff

Children are taught how to read and recite the Qur’an soundly by applying the rules of Tajweed to aid their memorisation. They are also taught about Islam to help the children develop a better understanding of their religion and how they can apply what they learn to their daily lives. Al Ikhlas ensures Disclosure checks occur for all those who work with after school Qur’an club attendants. Ensuring child protection in a safe environment is a paramount concern.